Episode 23 - Should You Take Payment Up-Front As An Electrician?

The big question asked by so many...Should I take money up front before beginning a job?

There are a lot of opinions out there on this question, and most people tend to answer yes. Here is my method/methods that I've used. I'm still not 100% sold on which I like best but I talk about many different methods I've used to take "down-payments" or "draws" up front before beginning a job.

Think about this for a second. Say you start a job and don't collect any money up front. You go to the supply house and spend $1000 in materials, you rent a $1000 trencher, and you pay 3 guys to go to a job for a combined $60/hour. You get onsite and the customer changes his mind, and doesn't want to do this job all the sudden. You're paying around $200 in wasted wages plus you have to find something else for them to do for the day, plus the $2,000 you're out for the materials and rock-saw. You have none of their money up front to take that out of...you just ate a shit salad. Hope that diesel tastes good!

Say you charged $4,000 for the job and took 50% up front - you could have kept back the trencher money and paid for the materials and you'd be pretty close to break-even. Maybe just out some labor cost, but that's better than eating it all.

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